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You know how men always berated women for stealing their hoodies that were a few sizes too big and never realized what’s the deal with wearing a garment twice their size? Well, it seems as fellas are quickly catching on, as the trend of oversize hoodies has finally found its way to the men’s department. So, for anyone who’s looking for new, refreshing ways to rock the oversize sweatshirt trend, we’re offering you a few fashionable tips that’ll help you achieve the desired look.

A Head Start

One of the key ingredients of completely owning the oversize look is learning how to wear it in all settings. The casual, laid-back style is the most common approach to this trend and it’s not unusual that oversize sweatshirts have become symbols of street style and skater fashion. Loose, free-flowing, boxed or longline are just a few ways to wear this garment, but don’t forget to complement the look by throwing on a black snapback or a baseball cap.

De-Stressing for Beginners

The anti-fit trend doesn’t necessarily mean anti-style trend. Oversize hoodies can be worn even in more formal surroundings, if paired properly. This requires a nice pair of chinos and a pair of leather shoes, while a more casual setting calls for a pair of black distressed jeans, joggers or even shorts. Similar to black, blue distressed jeans are also a common choice but definitely a more versatile one, while you surely won’t make a mistake by opting for tailored trousers and a classic bomber jacket.

Simplicity Is the Key

Another important styling rule is not to make things too complicated. Oversize clothing should be observed as an accessory on its own, so it shouldn’t require too much further embellishing. There are just a few mens fashion accessories that’ll do the trick, so try to complete your look by opting for a nice, quality watch, a stylish hat or a cool pair of shades. If you’re opting for a V-neck shirt or an oversize jumper which already contains several details, it’s best not to overdo it and leave the sweatshirt to do all the talking for you.

It’s All About Making a Statement

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that an oversize hoodie is not just another trend to be followed, it’s more about making a statement. What you wear can tell a lot about yourself as a person and this oversized sweatshirt trend is made to be worn by people with confidence. This is definitely not something that anyone can wear and it requires a certain poise to be able to pull off the look. It’s a good idea to try and personalize the style by implementing a dose of yourself by layering it with a shirt underneath and a pair of white trainers, opting for an oversized cardigan and a denim jacket or even choosing to wear it with a flannel shirt, regular jeans and a pair of winter boots.

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