How to Rock Ripped Skinny Jeans

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In all truth, there’s something about ripped denim that can elevate any look and turn your outfit from dull to exciting in a matter of seconds. Its power is similar to that one of chokers, and we hope its influence will remain just as strong for a while.

To all the boys and girls out there who are looking to channel their inner edge by wearing a little bit of ripped drama, we’re laying out a few tips that will help make that happen.

For casual

Ripped jeans in light denim will look phenomenal and laid back paired with a casual slim fit T-shirt. Add a hat with a large brim and awesome round sunnies and your casual thing will look date ready in a second!

For a more chill look, an oversized gray hoodie with blue distressed jeans and sneaks will look amazing.

For nightout

Rely on a rich tailored coat in white or black (printed are fine, too but if you are looking to achieve absolute glam, stick to a single color) paired with black distressed jeans and ankle laced boots or sneakers (even sleek chelsea boots are fine, depending on the occasion), and a long T-shirt. Add a black backpack to bring some chill to the outfit.

Depending on where you are going, you can experiment with jewelry.

For business appropriate

A long t-shirt in a simple color or with an edgy print will definitely make things different paired with your simple black jeans; you may opt for a slick suit jacket for a complete look. Business occasions love dark colors, which is why we suggest you opt for dark suits or suit jackets. When you are rocking ripped for business, the idea is to fully embrace tomboy fashion statement as this is the finest merge of feminine and masculine, oozing seriousness but keeping things stylish. Add a laptop bag into the mix and you’ll look absolutely phenomenal.

For 90’s chill

Your distressed jeans will look spectacular with a logo hoodie which will give things an adorable flair and give you that 90’s vibe you are after. Pair Kanye West or Kylie Jenner-like sneaks with the outfit and wear a black snapback to channel the now-popular ‘90s style. Tone down your look with this tips and let your inner-grunge go down. Gorgeous!


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