How to Dress Like a Street Style Icon

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Whether you’re into fashion or not, you have to admit that it is always nice to see a guy well dressed casually walking the street like he owned the whole damn block. After all, who says only girls are allowed to strut  the sidewalk? And even though putting those cool outfits together may seem like a lot of work, it is actually pretty logical and easy – if you learn the important tricks and tips written below.

M for monochrome

There is just something so cool about going monochrome from time to time, whether that color is black, cobalt or grey – as long as it is stylish and simple, it really gives your outfit that cohesive feeling. And it doesn’t matter if you are layering a suit (full-on pants, vest, shirt and jacket), or you are going for that casual Kanye vibe with, let’s say, black distressed jeans, black sneakers, black tee and oversize black hoodie– monochrome-ing your outfits is the easiest way to look stylish, casual and sexy.

E for effortless

One of the most important fashion tips is to always make sure you don’t look like you’ve spent hours getting ready – that is not what fashion is about. Currently, it is all about that: “Oh, this? I just threw it on” vibe. So, in other words, make sure you leave something a little bit rumpled here, and untucked or unbuttoned over there, and a lock or two casually hanging on your forehead up there, and - voila. Just don’t overthink it, and don’t try to look perfect because, again, that is not the point at all.

N for a new watch

Watch is simply a must-have accessory. Firstly, it looks good on every wrist, and secondly, it completes any outfit and makes it look a lot more stylish. And that doesn’t even have to be some expensive, huge, labeled watch – no. It should be a simple, minimalist design steel watch that will withstand a few scrapes and go with a wide range of outfits.  

F for fit

Remember: the right fit is everything. Even though you cannot expect every single garment to fit you like a dream as soon as it is removed from the rack, you can make a quick trip to your tailor who will make it happen. Make that person your best friend, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t hug your body perfectly.

A for ankles

Open ankles are sexy as hell! So don’t be afraid to wear ankle-length tapered bottoms. As a matter of fact, embrace those ankles even more by wearing loafers to show even more skin!

S for suits

Note that this tip is down here only because the form of this article, otherwise, it would’ve definitely taken the first spot. Anyways, if you have access to the internet, and you are a living creature, you’ve probably noticed the insanely-increased popularity of men’s suits in Melbourne, and many other fashion metropoles lately. And how wouldn’t you? After all, one high fashion, quality suit is a worthy investment. Go with a versatile one that can serve you for both work and formal events.

Also, the great thing about suits is the fact they are two perfectly fitted staple garments that can be rotated in your wardrobe in so many ways. You can pair your suit top with white jeans, or your suit pants with a killer bomber jacket. Finally, spice up the outfit with cool embellishments such as a hat, glasses, handkerchiefs, a watch (duh) etc.

H for humor

There is a great part of men fashion that I like to call – humor touch. The point is not to take clothing so seriously and try to ‘hide’ as many goofy details as you can in your super trendy outfit to make it even cooler. I’m talking superhero printed socks, I’m talking polka dots, badges with funny quotes – anything that makes you smile is acceptable.

I for indigo

Step aside, dear black, because indigo is taking the scene. Combine your vintage wash cropped jacket with your distressed gray jeans and break it up with natural hues such as a brown belt and leather boots. Emphasize the blue tones and the organic vibe with this cool retro color whenever you can, and through all garments.

O for originality

Whatever you do, and whatever your fashion choices may be, in order to really stand out, you have to embrace the originality. Find your own style or some accent that will make you recognizable and stick to it. Your outfits have to represent you and only you.

N for normcore  

Love it or loathe it, normcore will always be among us. And we have to make the best out of it. For example, a simple slim fit white tee and a pair of blue distressed jeans can sometimes be more than enough to make an impact – when you add some cool accessories to it such as enfamas, a cool black snapback, and put on a pair of pizza socks (wink).

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